Teachers have true impact on the development of our children and often can be a crucial factor to help them live happy, successful, and fulfilling lives. At Resident Threads we believe teachers are so important to our future that we are making it part of our mission to support them every day.


Something we continue to hear that really bothers us is how most public school teachers STILL have to spend their own money on classroom supplies for our children!!! We consider this a huge party foul and want to do something about it. 


Our goal is to reimburse every public school teacher for those out of pocket expenses across all our local communities -- and hopefully we can do even more for them.  So every Resident Threads purchase will go towards helping us fulfill that goal in your specific community.  And we'll make sure to share updates with you during the year with our progress towards those individual goals via social and our newsletter.


Thank you for supporting Resident Threads and all of the Teachers in your community!  And remember, the combination of a good education along with killer high-fashion has been known to be highly successful.

-The Resident Adviser